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This post is brought to you by guest blog writer Marie Stewart.  Marie and her husband were buyers who I worked with when I’d only lived in Farmville for 4 ½ months.

I couldn’t believe it when my husband told me we were moving to Farmville, Va. I knew it was a possibility, and I did have the theme to “Green Acres” on constant loop in my head, but it still didn’t feel real.  I was thinking it was some fictional or fantastical place, especially when he told me that everyone he had met was happy.  That just sounded, unnatural to me.

But, move we did and in early March of 2015 we signed the paperwork, handed over checks, shook hands and got ready to move in to our new home, in Farmville. And I wasn’t ready.  I was up to my shoulders in boxes, trying to find which one the cat had snuck into before it was sealed closed. There were movers, there were dogs, there were stairs, and then it was night and “hello there” truck two arrived. Rinse. Repeat the process in the dark.

By midnight we were officially arrived.  The movers were gone, the cat freed, the dogs settled and my husband and I collapsed on the floor propped up by piles of boxes. It was a moment of peace that had been very well earned.

The next day was our very first day in Farmville. I was a hot mess.  A crick in my neck, the clothes I had worn to clean and move from our house in Roanoke, and unload here.  My feet were complaining, my back sore and every one of my years was staring me in the eye with that smug look of “you aren’t that young anymore now, are you?” And all I could think was “Oh, you voice of experience, walk away now. Just. Walk away.”  There was work to be done and I wasn’t going to be sidetracked by my own inner voice gloating at me.

So off we went. Set up power. Set up phone. Set up water. Set up heat. All the first connections into the community were on the list for the day.  And as we worked through the seemingly unending list of chores, I noticed something. Everyone we met was helpful and yes, happy.  It was weird, but, in a good way, not a Stepford kind of way. People of all walks of life seemed generally and genuinely pleasant. And as I realized that the biggest knot, the one that had settled in my stomach for starting over in a new town, finally unwound.

Farmville, it was going to work.

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