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Meet Mark Kernohan

This post is brought to you by guest blog writer Mark Kernohan. 

My wife and I came from Northeast Ohio. We lived in an industrial town with lots of people. Living in Farmville has been a long series of adjustments.

We knew it was going to be a change, and a lot to learn, but thankfully it has been the good kind of learning. It’s been like taking the new ride at the amusement park, the one that you look up at while waiting in line and think “Holly crap, what am I getting myself into?!” but after riding it you say, “Wow, was that cool! It was completely new and unexpected. Let’s ride it again”.

My wife and I chose this town because this town chose us first. My wife’s company found us in a sea of great candidates and invited us down to take a closer look. So we came and spent the most time trying to imagine our new life down here. Where do you even start?

We had lots of questions. Where do you shop? Where do you get a coffee? Where do you go to hide away from people? Where should we have our home? Where will we walk our dog?

So, here’s what I’ve learned so far. You shop local whenever possible. Everything is five minutes away, so if you forget something, you just go back again. Richmond and Lynchburg are an easy drive away too, so we can easily get what we need.

You get coffee uptown at the Uptown. The folks there are great and you are bound to have a great conversation in addition to the coffee.

You go away from it all by taking advantage of the state parks. The High Bridge Trail is an excellent place for a bike ride and a bit of history. The Twin Lakes, Briery Creek, Sandy River Reservoir, Holiday Lake, and Bear Creek are all gorgeous, serene, and worth the short drive.

You get a home wherever you feel most comfortable. You team up with a lovely person like Navona and you drive and look, and drive and look, and drive and look some more. Eventually you say, “Yep, this is the one.” You have to love the process.

You walk your dog around the block, at the Sarah Terry Trail near the library, or go to the new Erica Geary dog park. You will make a friend there, or at least your dog will.

So, our new home is nothing like our old home. Our new friends are nothing like our old friends. Our new town is nothing like our old town. It was important for us to learn that new things don’t make the old things bad. They are just different and you have to embrace the beauty in change.

We had a blast looking for and finding a home.

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