Meet Adam Yoelin

This post is brought to you by guest blog writer Adam Yoelin.

We moved to Farmville in 2013 and live in a beautiful house (a fixer upper) on the edge of town right next to the Avenues. My wife teaches Therapeutic Recreation at Longwood University and I’m a Self Certified House-Husband renovating and maintaining our home and garden. She brings home the bacon and I fry (sometimes burn) it up in the pan.

If Farmville is the Heart of Virginia, it’s because our friends and neighbors make it so. On any given trip to the store, or nightly walk around the town we’re greeted with friendly smiles and hearty hellos. There’s plenty of activities here, from outdoor camping, biking and river sports to indoor art shows, movies  and music. For drama lovers, the monthly Town Council meetings and the bi-weekly Farmville Herald offer a first hand accounting of what makes our townspeople familiar and approachable. It’s the the way we do business, celebrate life and solve problems together. Communication is the key.

Sure, we’re not perfect. We could use a few more stores and restaurants. However, those things will come as more people see the amenities we already have and enjoy. Lower taxes and cost of living, Professional and Efficient Public Works including Police, Fire and EMT Departments. We have great Schools and Universities, a Diverse and Growing Cultural Population, a Regional Hospital and a New Medical Center. If we need something not available in our town, like import cars or air travel, our central location makes it an easy jaunt to Richmond, Lynchburg or Charlottesville. All are wonderful cities to visit, but our home and our hearts are here.

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