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This post is brought to you by guest blog writer Joy Stump.

My husband and I came to Farmville in March 2015. It was not exactly easy leaving NJ and our family home where we had raised our 2 children, pack up our things, leave my career with hospice, say good-bye to all our friends, leave my son as a student at Rutgers, and uproot our entire lives. My daughter had graduated from Longwood and was now working at Longwood and was planning a June wedding and we were very tired of being far away from each other. My husband’s (huge) family lives in Roanoke so we knew we were coming back to VA at some point in the future, and were so excited when this work opportunity for him opened up. We felt very ready to come back to Virginia.

His new job was outside Richmond so we contemplated living closer to his work but decided on Farmville so we could be close to family. We are SO glad we did! There are so many great places to get involved with in this town. I immediately began volunteering so I could get to know my new community and started meeting people. I helped with the Downtown Farmville Partnership, FACES food pantry, attended classes at Mainly Clay and Red Door 104. Everyone I met was amazing! The two words I would describe Farmville with are warm and welcoming. I remember going to church at Farmville United Methodist Church and Pam Butler turned around and said, “Hi Joy.” It was the best day ever! Someone knew my name!

Farmville has become our home so quickly. I even made a friend, Kerry, who loved to walk as much as I did so that just sealed the deal. I love that it has 2 colleges because there is always something going on and tons of young people all over. We never get bored living here and in fact, we usually have to choose from several options of things going on during the weekends. This town is always bustling with activities! I love the history of Farmville and how it has played a part in the end of the civil war and in the start of the civil rights movement. I want to see Farmville grow and thrive, but also maintain its small town charm.

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